Pesty (Young Irie)

Pesty Young Irie Patrick Brown (Pesty) started doing music just after leaving high school, He was inspired by music itself,wether it was the pulsating drums of the dance hall or the catchy hooks of hip hop somehow he just found himself indulging deeper and deeper into the music he listens Read more.
Barry Cash
Reggae artiste,Song Writer,Producer,Musician, known as Barry Cash, plans to capture the hearts of music lovers all over with several new releases and a host of projects from his independent record label   Jafrican Music.Read more
Wazzi. Superb The great one Marlon Phillips is a musical genius that paint s a picture on your mind with his musical creations.Read more
 Jouwayne JR Ricketts
**JR** is a musical oasis yet to be discovered
He posses a somewhat mountainous vocal range with a tangy tone,he has a writing style that  rival some of the most popular in the genre .JR is undoubtedly an artiste who the ladies will fall in love with Read more .

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