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Sta’cii is a Jamaican by birth and heart, but has since expanded internationally as a ‘Brand’. 

After graduating from the Edna Manley College of the Performing and Visual Arts, and a successful performance in her one-woman-act titled 'Whitewash'. 

She traveled to the United States to focus her attention on growing Effectus-Productions LLC a holding company for key entertainment enterprise which she had formed on an earlier visit.

To date, she has acted in several independent production including TV One's, For My Manas well as theater and other television  and Movie productions.

She appeared in TV commercials and music videos; and served as a host on TV shows and an online magazine host.

Some would compare her performance qualities to Angela Bassett – strongly emotional ,passionate and filled with soul.

When asked about the challenges in the industry, she replied with a smile: “Support seems so small, but it’s so powerful. You will learn that most people will not support you because of whatever reason but keep going. People can’t make you or break you; remember we’re limitless.”  

What do you say to the young artist trying to make it in the industry?

“It’s hard work, but if it is something that you love – do it!”

Mystic Routes Reggae singer with a "Touch N' Tone

It is  said that necessity is the mother of invention and in the super colorful Jamaican parlance whosoever have dry peas seek fire.
Weather it is boredom,financial constraint or the ever present need for Mystic Routes to be original and adventurous  that lead the artist to go graffito on his  1992,929 Mazda using Dap Touch N' Tone to do a full re-coat of the car from white to matt black.


The Artiste
  Mystic Routes a very talented no nonsense singer,songwriter  would favor attention to his talent over some publicity gimmick any day but its the artiste extra color-ricular activity that caught the attention of Jafrican Music at the moment, however we will still take the opportunity to hint his fans of an upcoming album which features nothing but live Reggae music. The album is a collaborative effort between himself and Duane Stephenson and is in an advanced stage of production fans can look forward to a first quarter of the year release date as soon as the business of music is taken care of
You can get to know more about the artist via his social media account Mystic Routes.

Latwain-Real Love

It's the never ending love story
Pernerial as the grass that grows stronger with every breath taken.
Unmistakably the most loving couple in music.
It's there anniversary and you are treated to a healthy helping of love from their brand new ten track album titled "Real Love".Your new all time favorite is on there some where as the album feature various styles across the Jamaican popular music genre. its a combine production effort from some of jamaica's budding music producers(Lamar Thomas,Rohan McLean,Jheneal Witter,Rudolph Robinson and Barrington Reynolds)
Real love  will be digitally distributed by 21st Hapilos with a February 11th  release date and and album launch at the Portmore HEART Academy,it will be available in most popular oline music store;iTunes,Amazon,eMusic etc.

Religion against Capitalism -Using Dancehall as a Scapegoat

Strangely enough I agree with the church and the concerns they raise about the yellow pages cover in Jamaica. However offensive is a very broad brush to paint with,vulgarity in dancehall is comparable to chlorine in tap water, fluoride in toothpaste monosodium glutamate in most foods and pedophilic clergymen in Christianity, it is what is wrong in the space. There is no dress code in dancehall patrons dress to there particular taste. The values which the clerged man speaks to was none existent from the home,the dancehall is just an avenue used to display whatever you wish. Many varied industries are driven by the dance hall it is the bread basket of countless group of people from the intercity to the upper echelon of society. And I saw the yellow pages gesture of highlighting Jamaica's pop culture as nothing more than an attempt to capitalize and piggyback on an already established and growing brand *Reggae/Dancehall* Tell me about a dancehall or reggae event where the yellow pages are lead sponsors and your apology will be in short order
                                       Six of one half dozen of the other
 There are many far more damning issues on the Jamaican landscape to be tackled by the church as oppose to what a company feel they need to use advertise there product.
  Let's talk about the state of our educational system and the amount of church building that has no basic school attached to it lay vacant during the week just waiting to count the collection money on Sunday.
 Let's talk about the amount of immorality being fed to our kids through the television.
 Let's talk about the hopelessness of our youths that drive them towards a life of crime.
 Let's talk about the unemployment rate,the murder rate the water rate and the light bill(cost of living) Let's talk about homeless children and mentally ill on our streets.
And here I am wondering if you have the guts to talk about the gender assignment mistake god made.
Reggae music and Dancehall seeks to address all these issue by highlighting them on countless occasion "Poor people fed up(Bounty Killa)",Boom bye bye(Buju Banton),"The truth is a nuh dat we want the children them fi learn"(Queen Ifrica),"One love one heart" (Bob Marley)

 And remember "If you continue to burn down the herb"(John Holt)will tell you the rest,

Shelly Belly doing great things in dancehall

A video of Sheldon "Shelly Belly one of dancehall's more prolific dancer is creating quite a stir on social media,racking up over a million views with over eight thousand plus likes and counting.
The lyrics of the overdubbed audio states one thing clearly what he does surely takes some amount of talent.
Shelly Belly is renowned for creating dance move like Shelly Belly, Bladdaf, Luggo Luggo,Fix it, Fly out and more recently Belleh all of which is referenced in countless songs done by popular dancehall artiste ranging from Elephant Man to the Doctor himself Beenie Man however the high point of is performance is the signature spinning chain around his neck which no one is able to copy thus far.
Go check him out on YouTube "Shelly Belly" talented youth.

Pastor Burn More Fire Than A Rasta DJ At A Ghetto Stage Show

Fyah A go Bunn

The hottest mix tape on the streets of Jamaica today is a Cd of a pastor burning fire from left to right imploring the congregation to "Escape Hell" the obvious theme of his sermon colored with nothing but fire.According to one mix tape vendor he sells up to fifty copies a day from one hundred($100) to one hundred and fifty dollars($150) a copy.
I have been to three major town centers and was greeted by the same audio world wind blaring from several mobile record youngster i spoke to said after hearing the the punishment for his sins (sagging pants)he pull up his pants and draw his belt a little tighter,he laughed and said "a my fire dat mi jus affi hold it"  You can hear him in every taxi's and mini bus the Cd is literally burning up the streets.Escape Hell.
 He started out with a rather reflective reading Revelation chapter 20 sang a self made hymn ,"me naw go down deh mi say mi naw go down deh" accompanied by the church backing band  then he dive into the  firery sermon paraphrasing various dance hall songs, making mention dem a hug up Uncle Demon,
 "Burn Jesus and give me Kartel", but you going to hell!!
Acting as a moral compass he call upon the males to have self pride and stop bleaching their skin,pull up their pants on their waist and stop addressing each other as dogs The females were not spared as he warn those having more than one sex partner causing men to kill each other,"Murderer Escape Hell"!! Just like Capleton he said "murderer ooonu cant get weh, obeah worka naw get weh neither"
 He did not mince words when he touch on the gay issue Fyaaah,yu an yu man a go a hell."JFLAG cant do me nothing,only make them take back the visa and me plan to preach in Jamaica so dem lucky"! You and yu lifestyle a go a hell! repent or perish! .
There was not one hint of partiality he burn from the government of Jamaica to the dons, the rapist he touched on the matter of abortion ,skin bleaching,same sex marriage and the buggery law
He did not spare those in the church ,"bout yu deh pon choir bout  hot callaloo bun dog and yu bad mind, yu thief , yu a work obeah ,Yuh a go a Hell!!then he went straight into a Bob Marley "you think you are in heaven but you living in hell" and the fire onslaught goes on and on with periodic calls to escape hell, he addresses some serious issues in our society with a typical Jamaican rant,bordering on humor and satire also very entertaining if you don't mind a frank assessment of the societal ills in Jamaica .Escape Hell

This Jamaican Preacher Aint Playing! LMAO

This Jamaican pastor though..He hitting out against everyone,LMAO..he left no stones untouched. I know many of my international friends will not understand a thing he is saying but this is just funny

Posted by MarkAngelo Green on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jamaican Actress OnThe Move

Sta’cii  is a Jamaican by birth and heart, but has since expanded internationally as a ‘Brand’.   After graduating from the  Edna Manl...

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