Religion against Capitalism -Using Dancehall as a Scapegoat

Strangely enough I agree with the church and the concerns they raise about the yellow pages cover in Jamaica. However offensive is a very broad brush to paint with,vulgarity in dancehall is comparable to chlorine in tap water, fluoride in toothpaste monosodium glutamate in most foods and pedophilic clergymen in Christianity, it is what is wrong in the space. There is no dress code in dancehall patrons dress to there particular taste. The values which the clerged man speaks to was none existent from the home,the dancehall is just an avenue used to display whatever you wish. Many varied industries are driven by the dance hall it is the bread basket of countless group of people from the intercity to the upper echelon of society. And I saw the yellow pages gesture of highlighting Jamaica's pop culture as nothing more than an attempt to capitalize and piggyback on an already established and growing brand *Reggae/Dancehall* Tell me about a dancehall or reggae event where the yellow pages are lead sponsors and your apology will be in short order
                                       Six of one half dozen of the other
 There are many far more damning issues on the Jamaican landscape to be tackled by the church as oppose to what a company feel they need to use advertise there product.
  Let's talk about the state of our educational system and the amount of church building that has no basic school attached to it lay vacant during the week just waiting to count the collection money on Sunday.
 Let's talk about the amount of immorality being fed to our kids through the television.
 Let's talk about the hopelessness of our youths that drive them towards a life of crime.
 Let's talk about the unemployment rate,the murder rate the water rate and the light bill(cost of living) Let's talk about homeless children and mentally ill on our streets.
And here I am wondering if you have the guts to talk about the gender assignment mistake god made.
Reggae music and Dancehall seeks to address all these issue by highlighting them on countless occasion "Poor people fed up(Bounty Killa)",Boom bye bye(Buju Banton),"The truth is a nuh dat we want the children them fi learn"(Queen Ifrica),"One love one heart" (Bob Marley)

 And remember "If you continue to burn down the herb"(John Holt)will tell you the rest,

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