Mystic Routes Reggae singer with a "Touch N' Tone

It is  said that necessity is the mother of invention and in the super colorful Jamaican parlance whosoever have dry peas seek fire.
Weather it is boredom,financial constraint or the ever present need for Mystic Routes to be original and adventurous  that lead the artist to go graffito on his  1992,929 Mazda using Dap Touch N' Tone to do a full re-coat of the car from white to matt black.


The Artiste
  Mystic Routes a very talented no nonsense singer,songwriter  would favor attention to his talent over some publicity gimmick any day but its the artiste extra color-ricular activity that caught the attention of Jafrican Music at the moment, however we will still take the opportunity to hint his fans of an upcoming album which features nothing but live Reggae music. The album is a collaborative effort between himself and Duane Stephenson and is in an advanced stage of production fans can look forward to a first quarter of the year release date as soon as the business of music is taken care of
You can get to know more about the artist via his social media account Mystic Routes.

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