Shelly Belly doing great things in dancehall

A video of Sheldon "Shelly Belly one of dancehall's more prolific dancer is creating quite a stir on social media,racking up over a million views with over eight thousand plus likes and counting.
The lyrics of the overdubbed audio states one thing clearly what he does surely takes some amount of talent.
Shelly Belly is renowned for creating dance move like Shelly Belly, Bladdaf, Luggo Luggo,Fix it, Fly out and more recently Belleh all of which is referenced in countless songs done by popular dancehall artiste ranging from Elephant Man to the Doctor himself Beenie Man however the high point of is performance is the signature spinning chain around his neck which no one is able to copy thus far.
Go check him out on YouTube "Shelly Belly" talented youth.

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