Pastor Burn More Fire Than A Rasta DJ At A Ghetto Stage Show

Fyah A go Bunn

The hottest mix tape on the streets of Jamaica today is a Cd of a pastor burning fire from left to right imploring the congregation to "Escape Hell" the obvious theme of his sermon colored with nothing but fire.According to one mix tape vendor he sells up to fifty copies a day from one hundred($100) to one hundred and fifty dollars($150) a copy.
I have been to three major town centers and was greeted by the same audio world wind blaring from several mobile record youngster i spoke to said after hearing the the punishment for his sins (sagging pants)he pull up his pants and draw his belt a little tighter,he laughed and said "a my fire dat mi jus affi hold it"  You can hear him in every taxi's and mini bus the Cd is literally burning up the streets.Escape Hell.
 He started out with a rather reflective reading Revelation chapter 20 sang a self made hymn ,"me naw go down deh mi say mi naw go down deh" accompanied by the church backing band  then he dive into the  firery sermon paraphrasing various dance hall songs, making mention dem a hug up Uncle Demon,
 "Burn Jesus and give me Kartel", but you going to hell!!
Acting as a moral compass he call upon the males to have self pride and stop bleaching their skin,pull up their pants on their waist and stop addressing each other as dogs The females were not spared as he warn those having more than one sex partner causing men to kill each other,"Murderer Escape Hell"!! Just like Capleton he said "murderer ooonu cant get weh, obeah worka naw get weh neither"
 He did not mince words when he touch on the gay issue Fyaaah,yu an yu man a go a hell."JFLAG cant do me nothing,only make them take back the visa and me plan to preach in Jamaica so dem lucky"! You and yu lifestyle a go a hell! repent or perish! .
There was not one hint of partiality he burn from the government of Jamaica to the dons, the rapist he touched on the matter of abortion ,skin bleaching,same sex marriage and the buggery law
He did not spare those in the church ,"bout yu deh pon choir bout  hot callaloo bun dog and yu bad mind, yu thief , yu a work obeah ,Yuh a go a Hell!!then he went straight into a Bob Marley "you think you are in heaven but you living in hell" and the fire onslaught goes on and on with periodic calls to escape hell, he addresses some serious issues in our society with a typical Jamaican rant,bordering on humor and satire also very entertaining if you don't mind a frank assessment of the societal ills in Jamaica .Escape Hell

This Jamaican Preacher Aint Playing! LMAO

This Jamaican pastor though..He hitting out against everyone,LMAO..he left no stones untouched. I know many of my international friends will not understand a thing he is saying but this is just funny

Posted by MarkAngelo Green on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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