Social Media and Music

Success in any shape or form can be attributed to 5 percent talent and  ninety four percent work one percent opportunity.
 Lot of people has got talent but never got the opportunity to showcase them or it could be said they did not work hard enough for the opportunity to come knocking.
 The proverb of the evil is that if you have nothing no one give you any thing, it takes money to make money,when a man is down keep him down and the list goes on
I wonder where all those came from,. is it from the minds of the selfish?or its just the nature of life,well some people's life.
I just recently started a website after finding out that if you are going to succeed in the music business a website is one of the tools you must have .now getting traffic to your site is a next matter,
I also learn that social media plays a integral role of putting the puzzle together,social media by itself is very daunting you can take months to build a meaningful following,keeping track of your contacts personally is also a must they are your friends,fans and customer treat them good and they treat you better.

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